Cooling is on, but my spaces' temperature will not come down

If your cooling system is active, yet the temperature in your space refuses to budge, it can be a frustrating experience. Fear not, for we have a step-by-step guide to help you identify and resolve the issue effectively.

  1. Verify Door and Window Closure: Before diving into more complex solutions, ensure that all doors and windows leading to your space are securely shut, particularly if the external temperature is warm. Proper insulation is key to maintaining the desired indoor climate.
  2. Assess Occupancy and Operations and Outdoor Conditions: Consider whether recent changes in occupancy or operational activities within the space might be influencing the higher temperature. Kitchens, for instance, often experience elevated temperatures due to the heat generated by cooking equipment which HVACs can struggle to keep up with.
  3. Contact your HVAC Service Provider: If the aforementioned factors are addressed, and the temperature remains stubbornly high, it's time to investigate the cooling system itself as this suggests a possible mechanical issue with the HVAC unit, rather than a thermostat-related problem. Reach out to your usual HVAC service provider. They possess the expertise to inspect and rectify mechanical issues affecting the HVAC units in question.

Remember, seeking professional assistance from your HVAC service provider is crucial to diagnosing and resolving mechanical issues effectively. They will ensure that your cooling system is functioning optimally and that your space regains its comfortable temperature.