How do I login to my GlacierGrid dashboard?

New Users

Great! You've purchased you're GlacierGrid Monitoring Hardware and are ready to get started implementing your system... 

  1. You should have received a welcome email from us that includes an activation link. If you do not have a that email, please reach out to your manager or our support team for assistance.
  2. Admins will see the subject line: Important: Create Your GlacierGrid Dashboard.  If you are inviting a Viewer, the subject line will read: Important: Join your Team.
  3. Click the link within that email and it will take you to a password creation page. Create a unique password here. 
  4. Once you have established your password, you can then navigate back to the login screen and login to your GlacierGrid Dashboard

Current Users: 

If you have already set up a GlacierGrid Dashboard password, click here. Then, select your preferred method of login and enter your user name (email) and unique password combination.