I received a Gateway Offline Alert. How do I resolve it?

Learn more about optimizing your hub's connection and how to use ethernet instead of a cellular connection.

If you have received a gateway offline alert, please take the following steps to correct this issue:

1. Locate your hub. If you see the power light is solid, and the Globe or LoRa light is blinking, this indicates the hub is may not be connected to the local cellular network, or is actively attempting to connect.

If the power light is blinking or not showing any light, please contact our support team for assistance. 

2. Unplug your hub, wait 90 seconds, and plug it back in.

3. If the light has not stopped blinking after 15 minutes, try resetting the hub again. 

4.  If the light is not solid after 15 minutes, try relocating your hub to an area that might establish a better connection and follow the recommendations here on the best placement for your hub. Then, repeat steps 2 and 4 as needed until your lights stop blinking and show a solid light. 

5. If you have tried relocating your hub multiple times and still cannot establish a connection, please contact customer support at support@glaciergrid.com. 

My hub still won't connect to the cellular network. Is there another option? 

If you are having trouble getting your hub to connect to the cellular network in your area, and you have an ethernet cable available at your location, you can alternatively connect your hub to the ethernet cable to establish an internet connection. Keep in mind any company firewalls that may prevent the hub from utilizing the ethernet option. 

The hub will default to the ethernet when it is plugged in. There is no need to remove the SIM Card to utilize this feature. Simply ensure the ethernet cable is plugged into the WAN port in the rear of your hub.