I received a Low Battery Alert. How do I replace my sensor or battery?

If you have received a Low Battery Alert, you may need our team to send you a new battery or a new sensor sent to you depending on the type of sensor you have. 

First, check your inbox for an email from our Support Team who will reach out to you to facilitate the replacement of your sensor or battery. If you cannot locate this email, simply reach out to us at support@glaciergrid.com and they will happily assist you through this process. The email will also indicate what kind of hardware you have and the process for replacement. 

If you are in possession of our Monnit Sensors (our black legacy sensors), please scroll down to the bottom of this page for information on replacing your batteries.

Which sensor do I have? 

We currently have two GlacierGrid Sensors in production. 


LHT65 GlacierGrid Sensor

If your sensor has a large blue Activation (ACT) button on the bottom of your sensor, then your sensor does NOT have a removable battery and we will need to replace your sensor. Our support team will send you an email to confirm your address for your replacement sensor. The replacement also includes a return label for the return of your dead sensor. Once you receive the new sensor in the mail, please see below for instructions on how to replace the sensor in your dashboard. 

This sensor is being phased out as we have upgraded to a newer version of this hardware (below). 


HT65N GlacierGrid Sensor

If your sensor has the ACT button on the front, as pictured to the left, then your battery IS removable and we can send you a replacement battery. The battery is NOT a AA and will require a specialized battery to be sent to you from our facilities. Our Support Team will reach out to confirm your address for the new battery. We ask that you dispose your your older battery in the appropriate fashion. 


If you are unsure of what your sensor looks like, you can check the serial number in your dashboard to determine the type of sensor.

How do I find the Sensor Number?

The Sensor Number, or Serial Number, is located on the front of your sensor and will start with either LHT65 or HT65N followed by a series of numbers.  

How do I replace my LHT65 Sensor in my dashboard?

Once your upgraded sensor has arrived from our facilities, and you have returned the old sensor to us, you will need to connect it to your Dashboard. We recommend doing this in your app, for the convenience of the QR code, but you are also able to complete this on the Web Dashboard as well. 

In our App:  

1. Open your GlacierGrid App. 

2. Click on the sensor that you need to replace. More information will populate below the sensor name. 

3. Select Sensor Details. 

4. Click the three dots on the top right of your screen. 

5. Select Edit Sensor. 

Caution: Do not delete the sensor. If you do, you will need to reconfigure your alert settings. 

5. From here, you can either click the QR Code button that will allow you to scan the new sensor's QR code or manually update the Sensor ID that starts with LHT65 on the front of your sensor. 

6. Save. 

In the Web Dashboard: 

1. Login to your GlacierGrid Dashboard or open your GlacierGrid App. 

2. Navigate to the Sensors Tab. 

3. Locate the sensor that is being replaced and click the Edit icon to the right of the sensor. 

Caution: Do not delete the sensor. If you do, you will need to reconfigure your alert settings. 

4. Update the Sensor ID that starts with LHT65. 

Replacing Monnit Batteries

If you are using our original hardware (this hardware is black, not white), follow the directions below. 

1. Unscrew the back of your sensor. 

2. Remove the old batteries. 

3. Insert the new AA Batteries.

4. Place the back panel on the sensor and reinsert the screws.