I received a Missing Data Alert. How do I resolve it?

Learn more about what a Missing Data Alert means and how to resolve it.

The Missing Data Alert will trigger if we do not receive any data from your sensor for 2 hours. Once your sensor reconnects, all of the data stored on the sensor will be uploaded to your dashboard. 


If you have received a Missing Data Alert, please take the following steps to correct this issue:

  1. Take note of how many sensors triggered this alert. If you notice it is all of the sensors at a single location, please first check that your hub has a solid Globe light. If this light is flashing, please reset your hub, ensure it is flat on it's bottom, and that the antennas are appropriately installed. If you continue to have trouble with your hub, please click here
  2. If your hub is connected and some sensors relaying data at your location, the sensor that triggered the alert's power or connectivity is the issue. Please reset your sensor by holding down the ACT button for 3 - 5 seconds. If you see lights illuminate after the activation, the battery life is good and your sensor's connectivity is the issue. 
  3. If you have tried resetting your hardware multiple times and this has not resolved the issue, we recommend you adjust the positioning of your hardware as connectivity issues are likely a result of environmental blockers. This can look like moving your sensor so that the QR code is facing the direction of the hub, removing product from in front of the sensor, or moving the hub to a place a little closer to the sensor that is experiencing issues. If you continue to experience issue with your sensor's connectivity, please click here

If you continue to experience issues with your hardware, please contact support@glaciergrid.com.