Zone Sensor Placement Best Practices

Please read below for recommendations on how to place your Zone Thermostat Sensor:

Smart Sensors paired with Ecobee3 Lite thermostats must be placed according to the below best practices to ensure accurate temperature readings and proper unit function

  • Height - sensor must be placed around head height, avoiding placement hear the ceiling and floor 
  • Sun Exposure - sensor must be placed in a location that does not receive too much direct sunlight or shade; aim for an area that is well balanced with regard to exposure 
  • Tampering - sensor must be placed in an area that minimizes the risk of accidental / intentional tampering while still being accessible; avoid highly trafficked and narrow spaces
  • Doorways / Windows - sensor must not be placed next to a door or window as this will lead to volatile and often inaccurate temperature readings 
  • Heat Producing Assets - sensor must not be placed in close proximity to heat producing equipment such as cooking appliances and beverage fountains as this will lead to elevated temperature readings and thereby risk overcooling