What do the lights on my sensors and hub mean?

What should the lights look like if my system is connected? What if it is disconnected?

The lights on your sensors and hub can provide you with valuable information about the connectivity and state of your system.


When observing your sensor(s), you will want to pay attention to the lights when you are:

1. Activating your sensor(s) for the first time

2. Re-Activating your sensor(s) due to a loss in connectivity

Please Note: You will not/should not see a light on your sensor(s) on any other occasion, aside from the two instances noted above. 

While activating and reactivating your sensors, you will see:

1. A green light when pressing down on the ACT button.

2. A red light indicating its time to stop pressing the ACT button

3. A few moments after it flashes red, you will see an assortment of colors flash

You are connected!

If you notice that you have pressed down on the ACT button and NO LIGHTS have appeared, please contact Support at support@hellotherma.com.


There are two lights on the hub you will want to pay attention to on this type of hub are as follows:
Hub center

Hub - Lights - Light

1. The power icon. Indicating the power source is plugged in correctly and the hub is on.

2. The globe icon. Indicating that the hub has established a connection.

If you notice that the globe icon is flashing, please see our help article on the gateway offline alert and how to resolve in our Troubleshooting section. 

The lights on this hub are a little different: 
therma-hubScreenshot 2024-02-13 at 11.40.15 AM
This hub's lights will remain green. Flashing indicates the hub is looking for a connection.