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GlacierGrid Reports

How do I use the Reports Tab?

Reports help you stay up to date on equipment performance, develop actionable insights, and document compliance. 

Scheduled reports are a great way to manage compliance. Send a temperature logbook report to your email every week, save the data to your computer, and relax knowing that your equipment conditions are documented and easily accessible.

What kind of Reports do we provide?

  • Sent Alerts Log: Export your alerts across locations and teams.
  • Temperature logbook: Export your temperature logbook across locations and teams.
  • Humidity logbook: Export your humidity logbook across locations and teams.
  • Mean kinetic temperature: Export an MKT report, used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry.

How do I download reports? 

Reports are only accessible on the Web Dashboard. 

  1. Navigate to dashboard.glaciergrid.com and login to your Dashboard on your preferred web browser or click here
  2. On the Reports tab, click the pink Add Report button.
  3. Select the kind of report you would like to receive.
  4. Choose the frequency of the alert: Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
  5. Select the date range you would like data from.
  6. Add recipients.
  7. Click either F for Fahrenheit or C to receive alerts in Celsius.
  8. Optional: Add a description of your report.
  9.  Click “Download”.