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GlacierGrid’s Monitoring Solution

Helping Dutch Bros Coffee Create Operational Efficiency Across Corporate and Franchises

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This case study discusses in-depth:


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Dutch Bros. Coffee teamed up with GlacierGrid to enhance food safety across 440 locations through accountability and automation.
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How GlacierGrid's Monitoring Solution saved Dutch Bros Coffee $1,000s on food inventory issues.

Learn how you can reduce energy usage with new energy-efficient equipment including LED lights, HVAC, and refrigeration controls—at no out-of-pocket cost.

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Enhancing Food Safety

24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring


Seamless Temperature Management

Up to 1200 feet of wall-penetrating connectivity


Experience Uninterrupted Control

4G cellular connection included, no WiFi needed.


4,500+ Locations Are Already Saving

We’re a trusted partner for some of America’s largest brands, including Subway and McDonald’s.