Frequently asked questions about GlacierGrid Monitoring

Will I need IT or a technician for setup?

GlacierGrid Monitoring is designed for quick and easy assembly and installation and comes with a clear and simple guide for your reference so that you can set up without needing support from IT or a technician.

How far can my sensors be from the hub?

Ultimately, how far a sensor can be from your hub depends on how many walls will be between the sensor and the hub. However, generally, we recommend keeping a sensor and its hub 1200 feet from each other.

Do I need WiFi for my hub(s) and sensors to work?

You will not need to connect your equipment to WiFi for them to work so you can place them anywhere there’s an outlet that is within range of the hub and most convenient for you.

Do I need to pay for the 4G service that comes with my device?

The 4G service that comes with your equipment is complementary of your monthly service subscription so you will not need to pay extra for it.

How many hubs and/or sensors do I need?

For a typical organization, each location would use one hub and each cooler unit would use one sensor. Hubs and sensors can stay connected over a distance of up to around 1200 feet . Organizations that will have sensors spread out over more than 1200 feet will need additional hubs.

Is there a separate cost for purchasing the hub and sensors?

Usage of the hub and sensors are complementary of your monthly subscription so there is no additional equipment fee for as long as you are subscribed.

Is there a contract period that I have to stay as a customer for?

There is no contract period that you are obligated to stay subscribed for so you are free to cancel your service whenever you need to.

Do I get to keep the equipment after I cancel my subscription?

Usage of our hub and sensors is only complementary as long as your monthly subscription is active. If you do choose to cancel your subscription, a shipping label will be provided for you to ship the devices back to our office.