Why am I not receiving data in my dashboard?

Learn how to determine why your system is not uploading data.

There are several reasons that you may not be receiving data in your dashboard. The two main considerations to take into account are power and connectivity

1. Evaluate if it is one sensor or multiple sensors not communicating data at one specific location.

If only one of your sensors is down at a location, but other sensors are still relaying data, then the LoRaWan connection is most likely being impacted by environmental factors such as equipment, inventory or sensor placement (connectivity) OR the sensor's battery has died (power). Continue to Step 2. If all of your sensors at the location are offline, continue to Step 3. 

2. Check your Sent Alerts Log in your Dashboard.

If you have received a Low Battery Alert for the Sensor in question, your sensor's power is out. please see our article on the Low Battery Alert. 

If you have not received the Low Battery Alert, please navigate to our article on Sensor Connectivity

3. Check the power and connectivity of your hub. 

The power and LoRa lights on your hub respectively show if the hub has connection to power and to internet. If either light is off or flashing, please see our help article on the Gateway Offline alert and how to resolve it in our Troubleshooting section.