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Building Standardized Compliance Across Franchises

Helping Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop Create Consistency with Compliance and Food Safety Standards.

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This case study discusses in-depth:


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How GlacierGrid's Monitoring Solution helped Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop franchisees create consistency and compliance across the brand.
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How the company prevented food spoilage in dozens of locations.
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Breakdown of the escalation path prepared by GlacierGrid whenever refrigeration alarms get off.

"GlacierGrid tells me if a unit is rising or
declining, which helps avoid truck rolls.
We also use this information to repair
and replace equipment to stay up to corporate standards.



Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop

Restaurant Operations


Enhancing Food Safety

24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring


Seamless Temperature Management

Up to 1200 feet of wall-penetrating connectivity


Experience Uninterrupted Control

4G cellular connection included, no WiFi needed.


4,500+ Locations Are Already Saving

We’re a trusted partner for some of America’s largest brands, including Subway and McDonald’s.