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Podcast Guesting: Manik Suri Talks About GlacierGrid’s Journey on the Beyond the Balance Sheet Podcast with Jace Alexander Lotz

GlacierGrid Founder & CEO Manik Suri and Ursa Consultations Inc. Founder & CEO Jace Alexander Lotz had a conversation on the Beyond the Balance Sheet podcast. They talked about GlacierGrid’s motivations, brief background, and its passion to create a more sustainable and much safer future for businesses handling cold storage.

What if we replaced paper and pencil with better tools?

Routine perishable inventory monitoring is a MUST for foodservice businesses. However, we’re pretty sure you already had the thought in mind that it could be executed…better


Better in a more efficient, accurate, and ultimately more reliable way.


Manik shared how inefficient and ultimately risky manual perishable inventory monitoring can be. Consider temperature readings outside a business’s operating hours and even the act of pencil whipping by assigned checkers.


Manik Suri and Aaron Cohen (GlacierGrid co-founder) decided it was time to make smart changes in how operators maintained their cold storage operations. From there, the core concept of GlacierGrid was born—to revolutionize refrigeration towards a goal that’s both profitable AND sustainable for businesses.

“The idea that motivated us: Let’s improve safety and sustainability from farm to fork. Let’s improve that in ways that are measurable and help businesses save money—in turn, also reducing emissions.” —Manik Suri


A sensor-based approach automated the whole monitoring routine

Automation will always be the next big step toward efficiency for every business. Manik shared that GlacierGrid developed a way to automate the whole temperature and humidity monitoring routine—saving hours for business staff and allowing them to focus on other operations.


He also elaborated on how proper efficient optimization starts with making monitoring more measurable and, therefore, more manageable. Sensors automate the whole routine by streaming temperature and humidity data straight into a central hub. The data in this hub is then accessible via wireless connection via phone.


This method not only cuts down on manpower but also adds 24/7 monitoring security to businesses’ cold storage.


Now, you can catch early signs of equipment breakdown more reliably with more accurate data records—saving you avoidable expenses on full equipment replacements.


The latest version of GlacierGrid now also has innovative energy optimization technology

Manik also shared that the newest addition to GlacierGrid’s sustainability arsenal is its smart energy optimization technology. Smart thermostats will monitor and deliver all the information you need to adjust your energy-consuming appliances to save as much energy as possible during their operation.


What’s with GlacierGrid’s fixation on reducing energy consumption, you ask? GlacierGrid's vision is to create a sustainable and safe future for businesses that rely on cold storage and HVAC systems.


The overall reduction of energy use would also entail the reduction of waste and harmful emissions. Not to mention, it would also lead to lower energy bills for businesses.


Ultimately, less energy consumption means less energy expenses AND less emissions—a win for both businesses and the environment.


Save on expenses and reduce carbon emissions—that’s a double win

Finally, Manik emphasized that you need the right tools and strategies to achieve both. You don’t need to cut costs to address rising energy costs. With GlacierGrid, you can rest assured that your perishable inventory is safe from avoidable inventory loss events. 


Cost of investment? It's more like a reward for investment! You’re guaranteed a 10% reduction in overall energy bills and a huge ROI to top it all off.

Start saving on energy bills and still serve quality products—try GlacierGrid now.