GlacierGrid for Retail

Providing HVAC intelligence and energy optimization solutions to the retail industry, automating climate control for enhanced shopping experiences—all while reducing energy expenses and ensuring optimal store environments

HVAC Intelligence & Energy Optimization For Retail Stores

Checkout or Checkmate: Is Your Retail Store Riding the Wave of the Latest & Smartest Energy Optimization Tech?

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Advanced HVAC Management Solutions for Retail Environments

GlacierGrid specializes in cutting-edge HVAC intelligence and energy optimization which are crucial for creating an ideal shopping environment that supports sustainable energy practices.

Advanced HVAC Management Solutions for Retail Environments

Retail Spaces Looking Sleeker

Upgrade to GlacierGrid's efficient and stylish thermostats at no upfront hardware cost, enhancing your HVAC performance with a modern look.

Additionally, GlacierGrid offers unique access codes for staff, enabling controlled climate adjustments. This ensures both security and efficiency, providing an all-encompassing solution that empowers your team while maintaining a sleek, professional aesthetic.


Revolutionizing Energy Insights with Effortless, Continuous Consumption Analysis

User Interface

Smart Sensing - The Beginning Point

The process initiates with a smart thermostat functioning as the monitoring device. It meticulously monitors and records vital data, ensuring the first chain of connectivity in this streamlined process is accurate,  dependable, and on-time.


The Connector

GlacierGrid's WiFi router serves as a crucial link, securely relaying collected data to the cloud. It plays a key role in ensuring a smooth transmission of the recorded data transmission to GlacierGrid’s dashboard.


The Cloud - The Secure and Always Available Repository

The data progresses to the cloud, a diligent guardian that hosts and protects the data continuously. Here, it's not just stored but also effectively processed, readied for user-friendly presentation, while maintaining constant security and accessibility.

User Interface

User Interface - The All-in-one Platform

The data regarding your energy usage is streamlined and shown on your dashboard or app, guaranteeing that both the time of energy consumption and the maintenance of suitable comfort levels are effectively tracked.

Quantitative Sustainability. Being a Part of GlacierGrid Means Preventing the Impact From:




driven by a gas car



metric tons

of CO2e prevented




energy use for a year

Energy Shifting: Efficient HVAC Performance

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Demand Charge Reduction

Our solution aligns your store's HVAC systems to prevent energy spikes, helping reduce demand charges efficiently.


Reduced Asset Runtime

On average, HVAC units run 10-30% more than they need to. GlacierGrid uses smart algorithms in an intelligent feedback loop to reduce HVAC runtime.


Time-of-Use Automation

Your energy costs can vary throughout the day. Our system ensures your grocery store utilizes energy during lower-cost periods to minimize the use of expensive energy.


Utility Demand Response

Just as stores provide discounts during less busy times to manage customer flow, GlacierGrid works with utility companies to reward you for lowering energy consumption during high-demand periods throughout the year.

Insights on the Retail Industry

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