Monitor Your Assets Remotely and With Ease

Easily manage multi-location businesses with real-time remote asset oversight.

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Pioneering Bold Changes with Smart Innovations.

Dive into the advantages of Remote Asset Management, granting you direct control and streamlined oversight of your assets anywhere, anytime.


Guard Against Functional and Operational Failures

Dramatically curtail operational drift and extend equipment's functional lifespan.


Asset and Load Management

Gain a unified perspective on every asset and energy load throughout all assets of your connected locations.


Consolidated Savings View

Energy Intelligence will provide you and your team concise analytics, revealing your usage trends and identifying areas for cost reduction and efficiency.

Transparent Monitoring of On-Site Assets In One App

Maximize building performance and asset reliability with GlacierGrid's Energy and Asset Monitoring Solutions. Achieve deeper insight into your facility's holistic efficiency and the intricate workings of your systems, including HVAC and refrigeration.

Comprehensive Equipment Surveillance

Ensure efficient building operations through proactive asset monitoring.

  • Monitor HVAC systems' health
  • Track refrigeration temperature and humidity
  • Observe location occupancy levels
  • Control setpoints and schedules
  • Review override statuses
  • Access weather impact data
Asset Monitoring

From Reactive to Proactive Asset Management

Prevent equipment failure issues and detect abnormalities with timely alerts from our desktop, tablet, or mobile platforms.

  • Receive alerts for HVAC abnormalities
  • Know equipment functional statuses
  • Monitor HVAC run times
  • Identify misuse or malfunctions
  • Ensure timely maintenance responses
Alert and Reporting

Efficient and Transparent Energy Consumption Analysis

  • Analyze electricity consumption
  • Enhance HVAC and refrigeration efficiency
  • Identify energy-saving opportunities
  • Monitor asset power usage
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Support sustainability efforts
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Unlock Monitoring Capabilities: A Suite of Supported Assets


Smart Thermostats

  • Automating climate control
  • Enabling remote management
Temperature and Humidity Icon

Temperature & Humidity Sensors

  • Monitoring environmental conditions
  • Ensuring stability and comfort

Wi-Fi Routers

  • Providing Internet for remote access
  • Connecting multiple devices to the network

Occupancy Smart Sensors

  • Detecting physical presence
  • Automating environment adjustments

Gateway Hubs

  • Bridging sensor communication to the cloud
  • Centralizing LoRaWAN’s point of connection to the network

Real-time visibility into your connected locations all in the palm of your hand.

  • Instant access to connected sites
  • Real-time asset visibility
  • Convenient, on-the-go monitoring
  • Centralized control from your mobile device
  • Alerts facilitating instant responses as required

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