Driven by Purpose: Meet GlacierGrid's Leaders

Get to know the driving force behind GlacierGrid—our purposeful and innovative leadership.

They are the individuals who inspire and lead us in our mission to bring about sustainable solutions.


Guided by a vision. Committed to innovate. 

Our journey is steered by a leadership team committed to a sustainable and efficient future for businesses and individuals. 

Rooted in our core values, our leaders uphold a relentless commitment to these guiding principles. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. 

As pioneers in energy management, they understand that optimizing energy usage is not just a goal—it's a necessity for businesses aiming to thrive in a sustainable and cost-effective future.

Under their guidance, the team has developed smart solutions that emphasize sustainability without compromising performance. 

Our leaders aim to forge a greener, more efficient future for all—to ensure the success of businesses and the overall well-being of the planet.

Meet the individuals who exemplify the values of Arete, Data, and Commitment. Together, they lead us in redefining energy management and shaping a more sustainable and efficient world for everyone.

Manik Suri

Manik Suri

Founder and CEO

Manik Suri is truly a visionary leader. With a dynamic background in technology and a passion for sustainable solutions, Manik's leadership has been instrumental in redefining how businesses approach energy efficiency. Before founding GlacierGrid, Manik co-founded the Governance Lab (GovLab), an innovation center at NYU that developed technology solutions to improve government. He is a former Affiliate of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and has held positions at global investment firm D.E. Shaw & Company and the White House National Economic Council.

aaron cohen

Aaron Cohen

Co-founder and President

As a pioneering leader at GlacierGrid, Aaron contributes his expertise to the company’s mission and vision. He believes the food service industry will play a key role in leading the sustainability movement because it's the right thing to do and it makes exceptional business sense. A serial internet entrepreneur, he has successfully steered four startups, which generated nearly $100 million for shareholders. Aaron’s leadership is deeply rooted in his passion for teaching and making a positive impact on the environment.

chander chawla

Chander Chawla

Chief Product Officer

Known for his creative problem-solving and forward-thinking approach, Chander is a technology executive who brings a unique perspective to creating new technology-based products. Having lived and worked in six countries and multiple sectors, he has held various roles within the hi-tech industry. Chander’s highlights include inspiring teams to solve user problems by building 25+ new products based on disruptive technologies like WiFi, wearables, cryptocurrencies, and artificial intelligence; running a $600M business to add $150M in new earnings; and leading large global teams of 80+ people.

gerald zingraf

Gerald Zingraf

VP of Business Development

Gerald’s robust background in solution engineering, sales enablement, and strategic partnerships makes him an exemplary VP of Business Development. He is a seasoned entrepreneur having founded and co-founded 8 companies. This entrepreneurial mindset, coupled with his passion for sustainability, drives him on a mission to forge a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future for his children and future generations.

lucas tepman

Lucas Tepman

Chief Financial Officer

Social entrepreneur, impact investor, and intensive operational experience in Latin America and the US—Lucas is all of these and more. His commitment to excellence is unparalleled. From being selected as a Fulbright Scholar in 2018 to complete his Master’s Degree at UC Berkeley, to working for management and public affairs consulting and NGOs—he is able to combine entrepreneurship, sustainability, and finance. Today, he focuses on driving business strategy, managing business finances, and handling investor relations for GlacierGrid.


Liz Piontkowski

Sr. Director of Operations

Liz is an exemplary operations leader with expertise and experience building high-performing teams from the ground up and fueling collaboration that has resulted in collective success. She brings to the table years of diverse work experience spanning multiple industries and various roles. Having worked with brands like Deposco, Chick-fil-a, and Panera, Liz has proven her prowess in project management, operations management, data analytics, marketing, client services, and even sales. At present, she holds an instrumental role for GlacierGrid as she handles finance, human resources, and sales operations. 


Tom Loebenstein

Sales Director

Tom started out as a Strategic Account Manager and worked his way up to be GlacierGrid’s Sales Director. His diverse work experience spans multiple industries, including marketing and operations. This complementary set of skills, combined with a customer-focused mindset and deep product knowledge, enables him to grasp a strong understanding of clients’ needs. Tom’s business development skills are no doubt a very valuable asset for GlacierGrid’s growth.


Laurent Parenteau

Sr. Director of Engineering

No stranger to technology and innovation, Laurent brings a fresh perspective and a unique brand of leadership. Aside from combating climate change by building a smart cold chain, Laurent is also a mentor at Plato and ADPList, providing mentorship and guidance for engineering managers and software developers. His wealth of knowledge in both technology and leadership plays key roles in driving GlacierGrid's commitment to innovation and excellence.


Ben Delfs

Director of Corporate Strategy

Ben’s drive to contribute to a responsible economy and sustainable future stems from his deep-rooted appreciation for the environment, having grown up in the Canadian West. Having a Juris Doctor degree in law, Ben is also part of a legal charity focused on increasing access to justice. Meanwhile, his MBA in Sustainable Innovation underscores his passion for the natural environment. His knowledge and experience in the field of strategy, impact management, business innovation analysis, and business development analysis enable and empower him to lead GlacierGrid’s strategy and impact initiatives. 


Alex See

Sr. Director of Product

Alex See’s brand of leadership is marked by his dedication to crafting innovative solutions that maximize energy efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. He is well-versed in conducting market research and reports that analyze opportunities, advantages, and risks. He also has experience in investigating competitive landscapes and looking into historical market analysis. These skills, when combined with his unmatched technical knowledge and his amazingly positive attitude, allow him to ensure that GlacierGrid’s services are working seamlessly for clients. 

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