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Podcast Guesting: Manik Suri Shares Insights on the Midstage Startup Momentum Podcast with Roland Siebelink

The Midstage Startup Momentum Podcast, hosted by Roland Siebelink, is no stranger to talking about all things tech and startup combined. This podcast usually features founders and leaders of the most promising tech startups worldwide.


For this episode, GlacierGrid CEO and founder Manik Suri talks about GlacierGrid’s mission and all about bringing attention to the food waste and sustainability problem that we are working to solve.


During their conversation, Roland and Manik spoke at length about how GlacierGrid solves many of the inherent flaws of refrigeration and how many practices are outdated. 


Other discussion points include:

  • The significance of the refrigeration ecosystem and the cold-chain which most people take for granted, especially in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry
  • How GlacierGrid is helping businesses save energy costs while making a positive impact on the environment
  • How GlacierGrid is able to sell to both large corporations and small businesses and why GlacierGrid prefers to partner with investors who care about what they care about
  • The huge potential that exists with mission-driven entrepreneurship
  • The long-term vision for GlacierGrid

This dynamic conversion between Manik and Roland was both interesting and insightful. Feel free to take a seat at the [virtual] table and listen to them hash it out. Click here to listen to the interview now.