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PAW Climate 2022: How Climate Tech Became Profitable by GlacierGrid CEO, Manik Suri

Predictive Analytics World Climate’s (PAW Climate) brought a global community together to discuss how to address the climate crisis and how companies are using things such as electrical grids, supply chain optimization, and creating energy efficiency to lessen the impact of climate change.


GlacierGrid CEO and Founder, Manik Suri, participated as PAW Climate’s very first keynote speaker as he discussed “How Climate Tech Became Profitable.” 

The gist: It is the start of a massive wave of climate tech opportunities

With 50 billion tons of greenhouse gasses being added to the atmosphere, how can we stop this? Are individuals taking the necessary steps to be involved in addressing crisis.


“Climate tech is profitable today and becoming increasingly profitable because of a series of things that have changed,” Manik says. “Ultimately, innovators and entrepreneurs are changing the technology solution—making them cheaper, better, more affordable, more competitive, and enabling climate tech companies to out-compete traditional companies.” 


The goal: from 35% to zero

As of now, there is a 35% technology gap to reaching zero greenhouse emissions. With companies like GlacierGrid that are striving to bridge this gap using IoT technology to prevent food waste and reduce energy, the future is bright. 


You can rewatch Manik’s entire keynote speech here: