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SF Climate Week: GlacierGrid’s Smart Cooling Solutions

During SF Climate Week, our CEO, Manik Suri, was among many esteemed speakers highlighted for 'Transforming Supply Chains with Cleantech and Innovation.' The panel was hosted by GoodOps and brought together climate leaders who have secured over $200 million in venture funding and investment from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).


Manik is a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to positively impacting the environment by building a smarter and greener cold chain. With a background in government, law, and technology, he created GlacierGrid, which leverages IoT-powered temperature monitoring and analytics to help foodservice businesses prevent food and energy waste and optimize operations—aiding businesses in achieving profitable sustainability in the fight against climate change.


Groundbreaking solutions for a more sustainable future

Manik Suri and other CEOs shared their expertise on how cleantech innovation can optimize supply chains and reduce environmental impact.


The conversation focused on how groundbreaking technologies like AI, machine learning, Internet-of-Things (IoT), electrification, and Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS) models shape a more efficient, sustainable future for raw materials, manufacturing, logistics, and inventory management.


Record-breaking interest in sustainable supply chains

More than 400 registrations were accounted for in the "Transforming Supply Chains with Cleantech & Innovation" panel, demonstrating considerable interest in the topic. This overwhelming response emphasizes the growing initiative and critical need for clean, healthy, and safe supply chains for a sustainable future.


GlacierGrid—your partner in achieving a sustainable and profitable future

GlacierGrid helps businesses optimize their HVAC operations and achieve significant energy savings. They offer solutions, including preventative maintenance strategies, smart equipment upgrades, and operational best practices—specifically tailored to businesses dealing with temperature-sensitive and perishable inventory.


GlacierGrid empowers businesses to prioritize energy efficiency and food safety, maximizing energy savings without sacrificing quality and comfort.


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