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Cold Chain's Vital Role: Insights from GlacierGrid's Manik Suri

In a recent Techonomy Climate conference, GlacierGrid's CEO, Manik Suri, discussed the cold chain—a temperature-controlled supply chain crucial for transporting food and pharmaceuticals—which has been in the spotlight due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Challenges facing the cold chain


  1. Accessibility issues: The cold chain often falls short despite its essential role. 25% of vaccines don't reach their destination, and almost 3 billion people might miss out on the COVID-19 vaccine due to cold chain inefficiencies.
  2. Environmental and economic impact: The cold chain contributes about 8-9% of all global emissions—moreover, product spoilage results in billions in losses annually.

GlacierGrid's innovative solutions


GlacierGrid is leading the way in establishing a smart cold chain by:


  1. IoT-enabled monitoring: Increasing their sensor deployment, GlacierGrid offers real-time tracking, ensuring timely detection of system failures.
  2. Asset optimization: Using real-time data, GlacierGrid aims for enhanced efficiency in refrigeration runtimes and early leak detection.
  3. Refrigeration as batteries: Suri emphasized viewing refrigerators as potential "energy batteries." GlacierGrid's vision includes transforming them into tools for grid flexibility and resilience.

In a warming world, the cold chain's efficiency becomes paramount. Manik Suri's insightful presentation comprehensively examines its challenges and potential. Catch the full talk here. With innovators like Manik leading the way, a sustainable cold chain future seems promising.


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