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Spotlight on Manik Suri: Founder and CEO of GlacierGrid

In a recent interview with Restaurant Technology News, our founder and CEO, Manik Suri, shared his views on how GlacierGrid is helping restaurants address food sustainability concerns while also helping them improve food safety and reduce inventory, energy, and other operating costs.


Manik is a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to combating climate change by building a smart cold chain. With a background in government, law, and technology, he created GlacierGrid, which uses IoT-powered temperature monitoring and analytics to help restaurants prevent food and energy waste, leading drivers of climate change.


A journey from government to entrepreneurship

Before founding GlacierGrid, Manik co-founded the Governance Lab (GovLab), an innovation center at NYU that developed technology solutions to improve government. He held positions at global investment firm D.E. Shaw & Company and the White House National Economic Council. Manik holds an A.B. in Government summa cum laude from Harvard College, an M.Phil in International Relations (Highest Honors) from Cambridge University, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.


GlacierGrid: Combating climate change and food waste

GlacierGrid aims to protect our food and planet by building safety and sustainability tools to eliminate food waste, improve energy efficiency, and reduce refrigerant emissions. GlacierGrid's IoT-powered temperature monitoring and analytics prevent food, product, and energy waste, leading drivers of climate change. GlacierGrid has partnered with national restaurant brands to supply chain leaders in food and healthcare to increase profits while protecting our planet. 


A bright future for GlacierGrid

GlacierGrid is committed to combating climate change by eliminating food and energy waste from the global cooling system. The company's innovative solutions have helped restaurant owner-operators save money in various ways around their perishable products and reduce their energy bills. With its continued growth and expansion, GlacierGrid is poised to significantly impact the food and hospitality industries while promoting sustainability and energy efficiency.


Read the full interview with Manik Suri on Restaurant Technology News here


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