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GlacierGrid CEO Manik Suri: Climate Tech & Expansion Plans

GlacierGrid CEO Manik Suri recently appeared on the Mission Matters Innovation podcast with Adam Torres to discuss the company's mission, recent funding round, and expansion plans.


In this engaging and informative podcast episode, Manik Suri shares his insights on the role of entrepreneurs in shaping the climate change battle and how GlacierGrid is contributing to this effort. 


Manik discusses the company's innovative approach to addressing the cooling crisis, the challenges faced by the refrigeration industry, and the potential for technology to create a more sustainable future.


Key takeaways from the interview:

  • Reducing food waste and refrigerant emissions is essential in the fight against climate change.
  • The role of GlacierGrid's innovative cold chain technology is eliminating food waste and reducing environmental impact.
  • The recent funding round and plans for expansion to increase GlacierGrid's reach and impact.
  • GlacierGrid's commitment to building the smart cold chain and partnering with national restaurant brands and supply chain leaders in food and healthcare to increase profits while protecting the planet.


Listen to the full episode here and learn how GlacierGrid is doing its part in combatting climate change.


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