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GlacierGrid CEO Manik Suri on the Future of Cooling


Have you ever wondered about the intricate world of the cold chain, its significance in our lives, and its impact on the environment? 

Dive deep into these topics with none other than GlacierGrid CEO and Founder, Manik Suri, as he takes center stage on the MCJ Podcast. In this episode, Cody Simms chats with Manik to know more about the cold chain problem and how GlacierGrid came to be. 

The cold chain: unseen but everywhere

From storing a huge amount of goods, helping us to keep food fresh and healthy, and keeping medicines effective, the cold chain plays a crucial role in today’s society. Even data centers are part of the cold chain. Yet, despite its important role, it remains largely unnoticed.

In Manik’s words, “The cold chain is this ubiquitous and underappreciated infrastructure layer that consists of all of the refrigeration that provides food and pharmaceuticals to the billions around the world who depend on it, but it's overlooked because it's been around for 100 years.”

Here are some additional facts that Manik shared in the episode that emphasize the importance of the cold chain:

  • Around $3 trillion in goods move through and are also stored in the cold chain
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cold chain has received more attention due to the new mRNA-based vaccines being highly sensitive to specific temperatures
  • Data is actually also stored in refrigerated boxes, and this is one of the pillars of the modern economy
  • There are verification processes and protocols required by the government and regulatory bodies when it comes to cold chain management
  • The cooling sector is growing at like 15% a year even 40% or 50% a year in some places. Ironically, as cooling is growing, it's causing more warming, which requires more cooling. 

Enter GlacierGrid: Revolutionizing refrigeration

Manik's brainchild, GlacierGrid, is at the forefront of transforming commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. With a focus on reducing emissions across food waste, energy, and refrigerant gases, GlacierGrid aims to counter nearly 10% of global emissions from these sources.

Cody Simms dives deep into discussions with Manik on the looming challenges of unchecked cooling, how GlacierGrid emerged as a solution, and what the future holds for the cooling world.

Highlights from the episode include:


  • [2:19] Unraveling the complexities of the cold chain
  • [5:10] Navigating regulations and temperature management
  • [14:49] Shedding light on cold chain emissions
  • [23:12] Manik's journey and the birth of GlacierGrid
  • [35:06] GlacierGrid's expansion plans and early adopters

Listen to the full episode for a detailed understanding of our collective refrigeration challenges and GlacierGrid's solutions.


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