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GlacierGrid CEO Manik Suri on Reducing Emissions and Food Waste with Smarter Refrigeration

In a recent podcast episode on Care More. Be Better, Manik Suri, CEO and Founder of GlacierGrid discussed how technology could help address global warming and climate change by optimizing energy consumption and reducing food waste.


Some key points from the discussion:


  • Refrigeration accounts for 7% of annual global emissions due to inefficient technology and high energy consumption. GlacierGrid seeks to optimize refrigeration systems through sensors, data analytics, and IoT.
  • By making "dumb" refrigeration assets "smarter," GlacierGrid provides real-time visibility into equipment performance. This allows businesses to reduce energy waste, cut costs, and lower their carbon footprint.
  • Food waste is another major issue, with 40% of food wasted globally. Smarter refrigeration improves food freshness and reduces waste.


GlacierGrid's technology is deployed across restaurants, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers worldwide, with leading brands such as McDonald's, Starbucks, NOW Foods, 7-Eleven, and Marriott Hotels among their clients.


Listen to the full podcast episode here to learn more about Manik Suri's insights on conserving energy and eliminating food waste.


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