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GlacierGrid Makes Headlines: A Dive into Our Pitch & Vision

Exciting times are upon us, and we are thrilled to share some exhilarating news. We were recently featured in Business Insider and would like to discuss the highlights with you.

A Pitch Worth Millions

Our dedication to revolutionizing the world of refrigeration is no secret. Our pitch, which touches upon the significant challenges of energy consumption, food waste, and the need for sustainable solutions, garnered considerable attention from industry stalwarts and media giants like Business Insider.

Our Partnership with McDonald's

One of the major highlights of our journey so far has been our collaboration with McDonald's. Together, we aim to enhance energy efficiency and significantly reduce food wastage.

Securing $19 Million for Our Vision

Our pitch resonated, and the result? A whopping $19 million in investments. This significant milestone propels us forward in our mission to make commercial and industrial refrigeration more sustainable and efficient.


For a detailed look into our pitch and the broader vision of GlacierGrid, we recommend reading Business Insider's comprehensive features.


Every headline, every partnership, and every investment reaffirms our commitment to a cooler and sustainable world. Your support and belief in us keep us motivated.

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