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GlacierGrid North American Onsite Team Meeting

San Francisco, CA — Last month, GlacierGrid hosted an intensive North American Onsite Team Meeting at the 3 Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, providing a platform for the team to align on the company's vision, explore product innovations thoroughly, and promote effective teamwork. Over three days, attendees indulged in presentations, discussions, and engaging team-building activities.


Tuesday, September 19th


Aaron, Ben, Manik, Gianluca, and Adrian

Aaron, Ben, Manik, Gianluca, and Adrian


Anna and Deepak meet in person


The morning was filled with excitement as team members, some meeting for the first time after virtual interactions, gathered eagerly. A delicious lunch set the stage for a productive day.


Founder and CEO Manik passionately presented the Company Vision, a clear and ambitious peek into our Future.



Manik presented the company vision to the team


We split into groups, guided by our Director of Management Operations, Liz, keeping our eyes on the big picture: Combat climate change by optimizing equipment in commercial buildings over the next ten years. We looked at challenges we might face in the short (90 days), medium (1-5 years), and long term (up to a decade).


After a quick break, we huddled back to brainstorm solutions. Each group then took a moment to present their top ideas, and we wrapped it up by voting on the easiest wins to tackle first. All in all, some solid teamwork in action!


Co-founder and President Aaron closed the workday reading the first chapter of "Ministry for the Future" by Kim Stanley Robinson. 


The day concluded with a delightful dinner at Piperade, a culinary gem, where team members mingled and shared insights in a relaxed setting.



Team dinner at Piperade to wrap up day one

Wednesday, September 20th


Day two was filled with incredible insights from the product team. VP of Product Chander and DevOps Engineer Deepak led the beginning of day two and walked us through the product roadmap process and how the team uses Grafana dashboards. 



Chander kicked off day two


VP of Business Development Gerald presented the Pilot Health Scorecard to showcase our dedication to excellence and innovation. We discussed the status of our pilots and brainstormed ways to improve them. The roadmap session with our Product Manager, Benj was a masterstroke, intertwining the granularities of Q4's plan with the broader strokes of our product's Future. 


VP Strategy & Corporate Development Lucas introduced a dynamic activity that got us all thinking. Splitting into groups, we tackled various issues using a specially designed scoreboard from the product team. After intense discussions and scoring, each group shared their insights and findings with the company. This exercise fostered collaboration and gave everyone a clear picture of our challenges and how different teams perceive them.


Manik's Wrap Up encapsulated two intensive learning and strategizing days, setting the stage for the grand finale.


To finish the night, the team immersed themselves in a Murder Mystery activity at 1516 Folsom during dinner. It was a teamwork, deduction, and strategy lesson. 



The team closed out day two with a Murder Mystery Dinner


Thursday, September 21st


This day was not for presentations. It was a day for absorbing knowledge and making decisions through manager-led brainstorming sessions.

Group session led by Gerald


By the time departures rolled around, one sentiment echoed: We arrived as colleagues. We left as collaborators in GlacierGrid's bright Future.


This San Francisco North American Onsite Team Meeting wasn't just another meeting but a statement of intent. GlacierGrid is poised for greatness; every individual is a stakeholder in this journey. Here's to a green and sustainable future. 

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