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Manik Suri on Achieving Sustainability & Profitability in Restaurants


GlacerGrid’s CEO and Founder, Manik Suri, continues to inspire and educate, and we're thrilled to spotlight his recent feature in FSR Magazine. Diving into the intricate balance between environmental sustainability and profitability in restaurants, Manik shares his seasoned insights.

Sustainability: a necessity, not just a choice

With 1.6 billion tons of food wasted annually, this contributes further to the growing global warming and climate change issue. While the restaurant industry is not solely responsible for climate change, the sector can implement practices that will promote sustainability.

In the article, Manik emphasizes that today, restaurants must view sustainability as a core aspect of their operations. It's not just about planet-conscious choices but about ensuring long-term profitability and staying relevant in an evolving industry landscape.


3 strategies for a green and profitable future

Drawing on his deep understanding and GlacerGrid's role in promoting sustainability, Manik lays out critical strategies for restaurants to embrace:

  1. Monitor food storage to ensure optimal temperatures to reduce waste
  2. Reduce energy consumption by investing in energy-efficient equipment or investing in IoT technologies that can help optimize energy consumption
  3. Give attention to your water usage

Empowering the restaurant industry

With the dual challenges of maintaining profitability while reducing carbon footprint, Manik's article serves as a beacon for restaurateurs aiming to make a positive impact. His insights act as a roadmap towards a future where restaurants can thrive in revenue and sustainability.


Immerse yourself in this enlightening discussion by reading Manik's detailed feature on FSR Magazine. Led by visionaries like Manik, we at GlacerGrid are committed to making a tangible difference in the world of cooling and beyond. Stay connected for more insights, stories, and pioneering updates from the GlacerGrid universe.

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