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Manik Suri on Automation: Best Practices in Restaurant Management

Our CEO and Founder, Manik Suri, has always been at the forefront of innovation, pushing boundaries and sharing knowledge. We're ecstatic to announce his recent feature in Modern Restaurant Management, where he delves deep into automation best practices.

The Need for Automation in Today's Restaurants

Automation is the beacon of progress in a world where efficiency is paramount. Manik pens down his insights into automation's crucial role in the modern restaurant landscape, especially regarding training, task management, and overall operations.


Three Key Automation Best Practices

Drawing from his extensive experience and GlacierGrid's journey, Manik lays out three essential best practices for automation:


  1. Streamlining training processes
  2. Retiring manual tasks that can be effortlessly automated
  3. Strategically leveraging technology to boost operational efficiency


Why It Matters

As the restaurant industry grapples with evolving challenges, automation emerges as a powerful tool to foster growth, reduce waste, and enhance customer experience. Manik's feature serves as a comprehensive guide for restaurateurs looking to harness the power of automation effectively.


Dive deeper and soak in all the insights by reading Manik's full feature on Modern Restaurant Management.


We're immensely proud to be led by visionaries like Manik, who innovate and empower others with knowledge. As we march forward, collaborations, insights, and dialogues like these drive our mission. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from

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