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Therma° Rebrands as GlacierGrid

Therma was founded in 2020 to address the significant economic and environmental problems posed by refrigeration.  Our first product, a real-time temperature monitoring system, has saved thousands of customers millions of dollars in food loss, in just a few short years. 


When we began this journey, we didn’t know how important refrigeration (and cooling more broadly) would be to a company’s overall energy usage.  As we came to understand the huge inefficiencies around how cooling equipment uses energy, we realized that optimizing these assets could dramatically reduce our customers’ energy bills – and their emissions.


A year ago, we launched an energy management solution that has gained early and meaningful traction with restaurant, food service, and hospitality leaders. For two reasons, our customers need a partner who will actively, automatically, and intelligently optimize their energy bills:


  1. It’s good business to manage costs without sacrificing customer experience. Many great people work to feed Americans nationwide and are entitled to their share of economic prosperity. 
  2. Restaurant and hospitality operators are acutely aware of their carbon footprint, and the industry is a leader in mitigating climate change.


We rebranded to GlacierGrid because we are no longer focused on temperature-monitoring alone.  Instead, our mission is to manage cooling to reduce energy use, inventory loss, and equipment costs wherever people eat.  At scale, GlacierGrid will be integral to helping utilities and communities manage extreme climate events – so that people have the energy they need to weather the many storms ahead.


Grid resilience and electrification are fundamental to 21st-century society.  So, too, are glaciers.  Many coastal cities will perish if we can’t keep these symbols of the natural world intact this century.  Better grid management can help save glaciers.  Our new name reminds our team, customers, and partners that the technology we build, and the work we do, is vital to sustaining a healthy planet for human life.


Check out our official press release here!



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