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GlacierGrid's Enhanced Mobile Override Feature: Maximizing User Control

Launch Date: September 28, 2023


Amid a dynamic environment where user preferences and needs continually evolve, GlacierGrid remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver superior user experiences. 


Building on the existing override feature, GlacierGrid now introduces amplified flexibility, allowing users to tailor the duration and degree of temperature adjustments directly from their mobile devices. This enhancement epitomizes the perfect blend of comfort, control, and customization.

Why Does the Enhanced Mobile Override Stand Out?

Personalized Adjustments:

Previously, users were confined to a preset override duration. With this enhancement, they can now determine the exact period, ranging from a short 30 minutes to an extended 2 hours, making it ideal for varied needs.


Refined Temperature Control:

Beyond just the duration, users can now fine-tune the temperature adjustments. The control lies in the user's hands, whether it's a minor 1-degree shift or a more noticeable 5-degree change.


Amplified Comfort:

This tailored approach ensures that users can create optimal environments and have more control in establishing and maintaining value, comfort, and savings.

How to Navigate the Enhanced Mobile Override?

  1. Launch the GlacierGrid Mobile App: Open your device's GlacierGrid Energy mobile app. Seamless control is just a few taps away.
  2. Access Your Equipment: Navigate to and select the 'equipment' option, showcasing your connected devices.
  3. Engage with the Digital Thermostat: You'll be presented with a digital thermostat interface. To implement an override, tap on the plus or minus buttons, adjusting both the temperature and the desired duration as per your preference.

Override - Cooling - Decrease APP store

Broadening Horizons:

The enhanced override feature becomes a cornerstone in spaces where temperature is pivotal in setting the ambiance or preserving product quality. A cafe owner, for instance, can quickly adjust the temperature during an unexpected rush hour, ensuring patrons remain comfortable. In a delicate storage setup, minor temperature tweaks can mean the difference between preserving and compromising the integrity of stored items.


By extending the flexibility of the mobile override feature, GlacierGrid showcases its dedication to evolving in tandem with user needs. This enhanced feature empowers users with tools that prioritize comfort and efficiency. With such advancements, GlacierGrid continues to redefine the landscape of climate control solutions.