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GlacierGrid’s Enhanced People & Teams: Introducing New Features to the People & Teams Page

Launch Date: November 22, 2023


Effective team management and clear communication are essential in the modern business environment. 


Recognizing this, we have introduced two features to the People & Teams page: 

  • adding a 'Teams' column to the All People table and 
  • the integration of 'Invite Status' tracking. 


These enhancements are transformative tools designed to streamline workflow and enhance team dynamics.


The 'Teams' Column in the All People Table: A Gateway to Streamlined Team Management

The new 'Teams' column in the ‘All People’ table is a strategic addition that offers a thorough view of team structures within an organization. This feature allows managers and team members to see, at a glance, which team each individual is part of. 


It is especially beneficial for larger teams or multi-location companies where keeping track of team assignments can be challenging.


Why It Matters:

  • Improved Resource Allocation: Quickly identify which teams might be understaffed or overstaffed, facilitating better resource distribution.
  • Efficient Team Management: Simplifies the process of managing team changes.

How to Access the 'Teams' Column:

  1. Log In to Your GlacierGrid Energy Dashboard: Begin by logging into your GlacierGrid Energy dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the People Tab: From the main menu, select the 'People' tab to go to the People & Teams page.
  3. Click on the Teams Tab: Within the People & Teams page, look for the 'Teams' tab at the top of the page. Clicking on this tab will take you to the section where you can view the new 'Teams' column.


The 'Invite Status' Feature: Keeping Track of Team Expansion

The addition of 'Invite Status' to the ‘People & Teams’ page is a game-changer for monitoring team growth and engagement. 


Why It Matters:

  • Real-Time Updates: Stay informed about the status of team invitations, enabling quick follow-ups where necessary.
  • Enhanced Onboarding Efficiency: Streamline the process of bringing new members into the team, reducing downtime and improving productivity.


Accessing 'Invite Status':

  1. Log In to Your GlacierGrid Dashboard: Start by logging into your GlacierGrid Energy dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the People Tab: From the main menu, select the 'People' tab to go to the People & Teams page.
  3. Viewing Invite Status: On the ‘People & Teams’ page, you will immediately see the 'Invite Status' for each team member or invitee. 


Leveraging These Features for Business Growth

Businesses can leverage these features to streamline team management and accelerate growth. 


Managers can make informed decisions about project allocations, team expansions, and resource management by having a clear overview of team arrangements and the status of new member invitations. These features are beneficial for businesses undergoing rapid growth or those managing multiple teams.


Introducing the 'Teams' column and 'Invite Status' features to the People & Teams page marks a significant step forward in operational efficiency. By embracing these tools, businesses can foster a more collaborative, transparent, and efficient work environment, ultimately driving growth and success within their organization.