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GlacierGrid's Updated People and Teams Feature: Empower Your Workforce

Launch Date: October 26, 2023


As flexibility and adaptability become increasingly essential in today's business landscape, it's imperative to have tools that embody these principles. GlacierGrid's People and Teams tab rises to the challenge. It's designed to give every team member the power to manage their profiles, ensuring their details stay current. 

Why is the Updated People and Teams Feature Essential?

Personalized User Profiles:

The dashboard now enables users to access and modify their profiles. This ensures that each team member's details remain up-to-date. 


Flexible Notification Settings:

Communication is critical in any business. With the capability to edit notification methods, users can choose how they want to be informed, ensuring timely and effective communication tailored to individual preferences.

Navigating the Updated People and Teams Feature:

  1. Login: Begin by logging into the GlacierGrid dashboard. 
  2. Side Navigation Bar: Navigate to the side navigation menu on the left-hand side of the GlacierGrid dashboard. There you will find the 'People and Teams' tab.
  3. Pull up Your Profile: Click on the 'People and Teams' tab and click on your profile. This is your personal space, reflecting all your details and preferences.
  4. Edit and Update: Once in your profile, you can edit your personal and contact information and your notification preferences.

People in production

Implications for Modern Teams:

The updated People and Teams feature allows individuals to tailor their profiles and choose their notification preferences. This enhancement prioritizes personalization, catering to each user's unique needs and preferences in the business landscape.


GlacierGrid's updated People and Teams feature reflects GlacierGrid's commitment to user empowerment and privacy. By giving users control over their profiles while ensuring data protection, GlacierGrid sets a new user experience benchmark. It invites businesses and their teams to coexist harmoniously in a future where adaptability and security coexist.