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CoInspect is now Therma°

CoInspect has grown into a new product and mission and is proud to announce our official rebrand to Therma°. Whether working with government institutions, restaurants, or logistics, our ethos remains the same: build a better tomorrow.

The history of CoInspect

CoInspect was established in 2014 to create automated, accountable processes through its digital checklist app. When fast-food giant Chipotle experienced a slew of E. coli outbreaks, the team realized how streamlined temperature checks and operational processes could prevent similar incidents across the restaurant industry.By 2019, CoInspect worked with 5,000 restaurant locations. Restaurant operators joined onto the platform when they found the tool saved money, improved customer experience, and could prove compliance with health ordinances.

Remote monitoring and the birth of Therma°

While observing customers use CoInspect, Founder Manik Suri and CTO Andrew Hager had an epiphany. CoInspect was a compliance tool that enforced procedural temperature checks, but they could build a solution to automate the process - Therma°.Powered by IoT and machine learning, Thermaº protects inventory 24/7 from equipment failures, power outages, and human error through automated alerts and reporting. Since its launch in 2019, Thermaº has partnered with major restaurant chains, manufacturers, and logistics operators worldwide, including McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Domino's Pizza, 7-Eleven, NOW Foods, and Wyndham Hotels.

Our growing mission

At CoInspect, our goal was to change the paradigm behind inspections. With the discovery of Therma°, a new problem became clear - the massive food, product, and energy waste from the global refrigeration system. By combating equipment inefficiency and food waste, Therma° can reduce emissions by 3.4 billion Metric Tons of CO2 by 2050, making Therma° one of the most potentially impactful climate solutions of our time.In 2021, Therma° secured a $10.2M seed round to accelerate product growth and make a global impact on climate:


"This represents a major step forward in the evolution of the 150-year-old cold-chain," explains Manik Suri, Founder and CEO of Therma°. "Food and beverage, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing are all critically dependent on the refrigeration cold chain. Over the last year, we have seen a significant increase in demand across these industries for real-time equipment monitoring and analytics that not only reduce costs and improve safety but also positively impacts climate change."

CoInspect is still in use by thousands of locations and is now under the Therma° brand as the CoInspect Checklist App. To see for yourself how Therma° can help your business run smoother, click below to buy now.