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GlacierGrid Highlights Smart Refrigeration Solutions at LoRaWAN Live

Our Director of Technology Infrastructure, Dan Lueers, recently had the privilege of participating on GlacierGrid’s behalf in the esteemed LoRaWAN Live Orlando Presentations, organized by the renowned Lora Alliance.


During the event, Dan participated in the “Smart Refrigeration: How LoRaWAN Enables Regulation Compliance & Reduces Food Waste” panel and shared insights on how our innovative approach, powered by LoRaWAN technology, enables regulation compliance and reduces food waste in the food industry by offering precise temperature monitoring, real-time data analytics, and effective compliance management.

Benefits of LoRaWAN Technology

Dan highlighted the benefits of LoRaWAN technology in supporting GlacierGrid's smart refrigeration solutions. LoRaWAN's long-range capabilities ensure reliable communication, even in challenging environments.


Moreover, its low-power consumption translates to extended battery life, minimizing maintenance needs and operational costs. Furthermore, the secure and scalable architecture of LoRaWAN guarantees data integrity and privacy, safeguarding sensitive information and supporting regulatory compliance.


Enhanced regulation compliance

Complying with food safety regulations is crucial for businesses in the food industry. Dan highlighted how GlacierGrid's solutions help businesses proactively monitor and maintain optimal temperature levels across their cold chain.


Utilizing LoRaWAN's long-range, low-power capabilities, our sensors capture real-time temperature data from refrigeration units, storage facilities, and transportation vehicles. This data is seamlessly transmitted to a centralized dashboard, allowing businesses to monitor temperature variations, identify potential issues, and take prompt corrective actions.


GlacierGrid's intelligent alerts and automated reporting features are vital in ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing the risk of penalties and food spoilage.


Reduced food waste

Food waste is a significant global challenge, and GlacierGrid is dedicated to addressing it. Dan emphasized how our solutions contribute to reducing food waste with real-time temperature monitoring and proactive alerts that help businesses swiftly address potential issues and prevent food from reaching unsafe temperatures.


Smart optimization starts with reliable and robust monitoring 

GlacierGrid's participation in the LoRaWAN Live Orlando Presentations, with Dan, Director of Technology Infrastructure, as a key speaker, exemplifies our commitment to driving innovation in the food industry.


Through our smart refrigeration solutions, powered by LoRaWAN technology, we enable businesses to achieve regulatory compliance and reduce food waste.


By providing precise temperature monitoring, real-time insights, and effective compliance management, GlacierGrid empowers businesses to optimize operations, minimize food spoilage, and enhance efficiency.


Together with our partners at Lora Alliance, we're dedicated to transforming the food industry, creating a more sustainable future, and making a positive impact on food safety and waste reduction.


To watch the full discussion, click here.