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GlacierGrid Joins LoRa Alliance®—Revolutionizing Smart Cold Chain Access with LoRaWAN

As of November 2020, GlacierGrid is proud to join the LoRa Alliance membership to promote the standardization and accredited certification of LoRaWAN throughout the world.


As LoRaWAN has enabled GlacierGrid this unparalleled expansion in refrigeration management—and its accompanying climate impacts—so too will LoRaWAN continue to revolutionize other sectors.


“I am excited to welcome GlacierGrid to the LoRa Alliance® and learn about its LoRaWAN refrigeration management solution.


Quickly deploying LoRaWAN solutions for long-range communications in noisy and low-temperature environments is key to achieving both business and environmental goals.


I look forward to GlacierGrid’s participation in the LoRa Alliance®.”

Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman of the LoRa Alliance®


Revolutionizing the smart cold chain

2020 has brought into stark focus the need for a global, smart cold chain. The cold chain industry has seen scaling challenges in perishable goods supply, shifting consumer behavior, and vaccine distribution planning—all in under a year.


At the center of this story is the cold chain management start-up: GlacierGrid, and the LoRaWAN® technology that has made its flagship product—GlacierGrid temperature and humidity monitoring—accessible to every business.


GlacierGrid’s growing mission

GlacierGrid exists to fight global warming through smart refrigeration solutions that drive bottom-line business incentives.

It supports this mission by reducing two of the leading causes of climate emissions—product waste and hydrofluorocarbon emissions. All while saving businesses $15,000 per year, per refrigeration unit on avoidable spoilage and manual labor costs.


“By eliminating food waste, improving energy efficiency and reducing refrigerant leakage, GlacierGrid is helping leading brands like McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and NOW Health to reduce some of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions across the globe.”

Manik Suri, CEO & Co-Founder of GlacierGrid


In 2019, the GlacierGrid team never predicted that their mission would expand to ensure perishable goods integrity among supply shortages and vaccine availability for the world.


LoRaWAN revolutionizes refrigeration management

Refrigeration monitoring and refrigeration management are not new to the cold chain. However, past solutions entailed complicated infrastructure requirements and enterprise pricing.


GlacierGrid uses LoRaWAN technology to stand apart.


GlacierGrid works in an unparalleled range of 1,200+ feet and operates at peak efficiency without Bluetooth or WiFi. It also offers military-grade network security and provides simplified plug-and-play installation.


These benefits have enabled GlacierGrid to revolutionize and expand smart cold chain technology into previously underserved sectors such as food, restaurant, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing.


“With the integration of LoRaWAN into our product suite, we are able to provide exceptional connectivity in dense, noisy, chaotic environments where other wireless devices have struggled or failed.”

Andrew Hager, CTO & Co-Founder of GlacierGrid


For more information on how GlacierGrid can help your business run smoother and more efficiently—feel free to check out our smart temperature monitoring system.



LoRaWAN® and LoRa Alliance® are marks used under license from the LoRa Alliance.