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How GlacierGrid saved Eggs Up Grill $1,000 in One Month

From Power Outages to Power Moves: Eggs Up Grill's Journey with GlacierGrid

Background: battling the elements at Eggs Up Grill

Eggs Up Grill is located in the hurricane belt, an area known for frequent power outages due to hurricanes. This posed two significant challenges for the restaurant: safeguarding their inventory from going bad and avoiding the high labor costs associated with redoing dishes that contain discarded food. 


The absence of a monitoring system for their refrigeration and freezer units made their situation worse. However, every problem has a solution, and for Eggs Up Grill, that solution was GlacierGrid.

GlacierGrid installation: a game-changer for food safety

GlacierGrid proved to be a lifesaver for Eggs Up Grill. The installation process was refreshingly simple, yet the outcomes were profound. Instantaneously, the restaurant had a guardian in place—offering 24/7 surveillance of their cooling equipment. 


The true worth of this vigilant system became apparent when the owner received a timely GlacierGrid alert during a vacation. The alert indicated a gradual but steady increase in temperature in one of the coolers—a detail that the staff on site might have overlooked.


With the help of the alerts from GlacierGrid, the owner was able to take swift action. He remotely instructed his team to relocate the food and carry out the necessary repairs. This proactive approach saved Eggs Up Grill $1,000 that would have been wasted on spoiled food and additional labor costs.

Beyond savings: ROI and continued expansion

The monetary savings make for a compelling narrative, but there's an even larger tale of triumph here. GlacierGrid didn't just serve as a cost-saving tool; it emerged as a value magnifier, showcasing an astonishing 25x return on the initial investment


This level of ROI is not merely about dollar signs; it embodies operational resilience, brand protection, and the peace of mind that every restaurant owner yearns for.


Another ROI driver is the labor costs for re-prepping food that had to

get thrown out due to spoilage—that can be hours of time!

- Mark Cotone, franchise owner


Security and peace of mind

More than just tangible savings, the peace of mind that comes with the assurance of protected inventory is priceless. Despite any external environmental challenges, Eggs Up Grill’s inventory remains secure. The added layer of security provided by the ability to monitor and manage these risks remotely is far superior to traditional methods.

Envisioning a robust future with GlacierGrid

The owner was inspired by the success of GlacierGrid at one location and recognized the unmatched advantages and operational efficiency that the system brought to the table. 


As a result, he has decided to integrate this stellar system across his other ventures, including the dynamic food truck. This strategic move is a testament to his commitment to excellence and his vision for a future where every aspect of his business remains protected and optimized under the watchful eyes of GlacierGrid.