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GlacierGrid Gives A&W Employees Peace of Mind in the ‘New Normal’

Learn how A&W helped alleviate employee stress and save money during the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of GlacierGrid.

Background and problem 

Rick Pollon is the Equipment and Facilities Manager for The McMurray Group, which oversees 40+ A&W restaurants across British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.


The McMurray Group prides itself on providing its employees with an exceptional work environment and experience. To do this, Rick needed to reduce the time employees spent performing manual temperature checks and wanted to implement a program where store managers could quickly identify potential equipment issues. Ultimately, they looked for a user-friendly platform that could help catch potential problems before they escalated into costly repairs. “We want to create less work for our store managers,” said Rick.


Rick recognized the elevated pressure the store managers felt as front-line workers during COVID-19. The team sought to implement new technology into their store’s workflows to alleviate time-consuming tasks like manual temperature logs. They decided to try testing GlacierGrid at five of their locations to see if it could provide them with the solutions they were looking for.

The impact of GlacierGrid

After the installation of GlacierGrid, The McMurray Group spoke with GlacierGrid’s customer success team about using the dashboard. During one of these calls, GlacierGrid identified an issue that, left unchecked, would have cost Rick thousands of dollars in labor and repair costs. More importantly, it would have created additional stress and anxiety for their staff. 


“During a call on understanding how to read the GlacierGrid temperature graphs and charts, it was brought to our attention by the GlacierGrid team that we had an onion ring cooler climbing in temperature over a few weeks, then it all of a sudden dropped off back to the proper temperature needed. In looking into why this happened, it was discovered that the unit was plugging up over time, and that was leading to the progressive incline in temperature. One of our team members who was receiving the GlacierGrid alerts for this cooler had cleaned out the condenser and solved the issue without the need for third-party repair service.”


Rick continued to say, “The important piece here was that we did not burn out our equipment and that, through the GlacierGrid temperature graphs and alerts reporting the rising temperatures, we were able to solve the issue and avoid a costly bill as well as stress on the team by not having a functioning cooler.” 


Using GlacierGrid, The McMurray Group saved money and delivered peace of mind to their staff, ultimately proving the value of GlacierGrid’s remote temperature monitoring system.