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How GlacierGrid Shines a Light for Moonstruck Chocolate

‍Background and problem 

Moonstruck Chocolate is Portland, Oregon’s premier confectioner, specializing in high-end products produced from ethical sources that highlight the unique food culture of the Pacific Northwest. Based in a region famous for its extreme weather, Moonstruck periodically experiences power outages that affect production schedules.


As a result, their Director of Operations, Hannah Milburn, sought a solution to monitor Moonstruck’s equipment and prevent off-hours emergencies.

GlacierGrid gives me more reassurance as to what action is required from me.

- Hannah Millburn, Moonstruck Chocolate

Impact of GlacierGrid

Producing handmade chocolate is a delicate and process-intensive endeavor. When temperatures fluctuate, it compromises the quality of the end product. Moonstruck looked to temperature monitoring and analytics platforms in the hopes of creating protocols that protect their equipment and inventory.


“There has always been this inability to know whether or not we need to bring in someone off hours to get the machines back on. GlacierGrid definitely saved a lot of frustration and wasted time.”


After installing GlacierGrid, Hannah can now take proactive steps that mitigate the results of equipment failure: “We had another power outage situation where a fridge went out with about $1,500 worth of dairy inside. Though we could not save our product, we learned we needed to replace the fridge ahead of time. GlacierGrid gives me more reassurance as to what action is required from me.”