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How Geneva County School District Automated Temperature Management

Frequent equipment breakdowns caused frustration

The Geneva County School District is located in Southern Alabama, where extreme climatic conditions push cold storage equipment to run as hard as it can. As a result, component failures within refrigeration equipment were common.


The Child Nutrition Director, Justin Hope, assigned extra labor resources to conduct manual temperature checks on nights, weekends, and holidays to mitigate equipment failure events.


Unfortunately, even with this extra precaution, it was not uncommon for Justin to find warm coolers and expired food come Monday morning. Frustrated with the high expenses of his inventory, labor, and equipment budget, Justin purchased GlacierGrid because of its ease of use and ability to function even during power outages.

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Automated temperature management reduces excess labor costs and last-minute emergencies 

After implementation, Justin reduced overtime labor expenditures by 50% and saved $3500 of inventory loss year over year.


He found that GlacierGrid data insights gave him the ability to make critical strategic decisions that were impossible to make before. Justin now views GlacierGrid as a critical piece of his operations.


“I can use this system to look at warming trends and know how many hours I have to move products and get the equipment fixed. Previously, I knew nothing about my units. GlacierGrid has drastically cut the after-hours managerial work. I sleep better at night knowing that I’ll get an alert if I have a freezer that’s hot.”