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Counting the Savings: How McDonald's Saved Thousands with GlacierGrid

In the lively world of fast food businesses, operational efficiency and product quality are non-negotiable. Roy Griggs, a seasoned veteran who started at McDonald's in 1971 and is now the Owner and CEO of Griggs Enterprise Inc., considers ensuring the smooth operation of his 14 locations throughout Louisiana and East Texas a top priority.


However, Griggs struggled to maintain optimal food storage conditions, avoid spoilage, and manage rising energy costs behind the glitz of the golden arches. The culprit was the outdated manual temperature logging system. It was constantly draining resources—posing a potential danger to food safety.


A chance meeting with innovation

While searching for ways to improve his operations, Griggs discovered the concept of Energy Management Systems that could save him money on his monthly overhead. Intrigued by this potential solution, Griggs decided to try GlacierGrid. He was impressed by its sleek dashboard, wireless alarm capabilities, and its potential to enhance his business. Intrigued by what it offered, he tried it in one of his locations.


The dawn of a new era

The outcome of implementing GlacierGrid was transformative. It didn't take long for the system to prove its worth. Early on, an alert warned of a potential disaster, allowing Griggs to immediately act and prevent damage. As a result, GlacierGrid helped save $1,000 worth of frozen food from spoilage.


Over several weeks, under the leadership of the astute COO Denson Bates, Griggs and his team began to discover other extensive benefits of the system. The intuitive dashboard became their primary source of insights, allowing them to identify energy inefficiencies that had previously gone unnoticed. By addressing these inefficiencies, they were able to reduce overhead costs and ensure a more seamless dining experience for their customers.


The once manual task of temperature logging is now automated, saving the company $4,500 annually and freeing up resources—bringing peace of mind to Denson Bates.


GlacierGrid being in our stores gives us peace of mind.

It's like having insurance, saving us from losing tons of food.

- Denson Bates, COO of Griggs


The duo decided to implement it across all 14 of their locations. Bates designed an intelligent alert system that carefully monitors any temperature irregularities—even the slightest ones. With this, the team can promptly address any potential issues.


Bates has nothing but positive feedback. “It’s like having insurance. It saves us from losing tons of food.”   


As customers line up under the golden arches of Griggs Enterprise Inc., they remain unaware of the technological marvel that ensures their meal is perfect. However, GlacierGrid is more than just a tool for Griggs and his team. It symbolizes their unyielding pursuit of excellence and serves as a silent guardian—ensuring that the legacy of quality they've established over the years remains untarnished.



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