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SAJJ Mediterranean: 19% Reduction in Energy Bills in One Month!

SAJJ Mediterranean was struggling with a lack of a solid energy management system. After investing in GlacierGrid, not only did SAJJ reduce their overall energy consumption, but they also managed to consistently generate energy savings to this day.

The challenge: energy management was all over the place

SAJJ Mediterranean needed to run their HVAC system consistently from 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM just to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for their customers.


Without a structured energy management strategy, their 2,500-square-foot location easily racked up the energy bills. This was definitely a problem that no restaurant wanted to have.  In a sense, they prioritized the customer experience—but at the expense of their electricity.

The solution: user-friendly management and secure temperature control

GlacierGrid’s solutions gave SAJJ an easier way to monitor and manage their energy consumption.


In particular, the user-friendly dashboard continues to provide SAJJ with all the information they need to make informed decisions—making energy efficiency easier to achieve.


The added security measures to the thermostats also ensured that only authorized personnel could make changes to temperature settings.

The results: sustainable and consistent energy savings

Previously, SAJJ Mediterranean’s energy management was all over the place. There was no consistent structure to keep energy consumption in check.


After enlisting GlacierGrid’s smart energy management technology and expertise, their energy management is now smoother—giving them a much clearer direction in energy management.


SAJJ Mediterranean saw the following results:


  • 19% reduction in overall energy consumption in just one month
  • 17% consistent energy savings year-to-date
  • 25.08% average monthly savings for August 2023 to January 2024. 

By reducing energy consumption by over a quarter on average, we've lowered operational costs and contributed positively to environmental conservation—a core objective for both SAJJ Mediterranean and GlacierGrid.

Your restaurant can also experience profitable sustainability

Aside from the peace of mind smart cooling technology can give you, GlacierGrid can provide you with strategies to further improve your restaurant’s energy efficiency.


With the right execution, you can expect a guaranteed 10% reduction in your restaurant’s overall energy consumption.

If you want to learn more about SAJJ Restaurant’s journey with GlacierGrid, download the full case study.


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See for yourself how SAJJ Mediterranean maximized their energy savings with GlacierGrid.