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10 Days and $100K with food photographer Teri Campbell

As a food photographer, I’m not the typical user of this product, but we have a walk-in freezer to store food items for upcoming and recent shoots. It’s tucked away in the back of our studio — if it were to fail, it might be days before anyone noticed. With an extensive ice cream shoot on the horizon and knowing most of the product would be stored in the walk-in, I thought having a remote temperature sensor would give me some peace of mind. 

Ten days after installing GlacierGrid, I woke up to a text at 4:04 am. Our freezer had been above 10 degrees for more than 30 minutes. I hoped it was just the door having been left ajar after loading in the ice cream the day before, but upon arriving at the studio, I found that the unit was not working—a freezer that had worked flawlessly for more than a decade.


Of course, it was the weekend, and on Monday morning, I would have food stylists, art directors & account executives from the advertising agency, brand managers, marketing directors, and other clients at my studio for a week-long photoshoot. None of whom were locally based, all of whom were expecting to see me shoot ice cream.


Fortunately, because of GlacierGrid's, alert, I was able to contact a 24-hour HVAC repair shop and have the unit fixed before the temperature rose above 14 degrees. Catastrophe averted.


Without GlacierGrid, we would have had to reschedule the shoot—a project that had taken weeks to plan and coordinate. Some of my vendors would require a 100% cancellation fee. There would be travel costs and other fees. The loss of revenue and the associated expenses would have been nearly one hundred thousand dollars. 




-Teri Campbell