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GlacierGrid Helped Wyndham Grand Jupiter Prevent Food Loss

Background and problem

Wyndham Grand Jupiter at Harbourside Place was looking for a comprehensive temperature monitoring solution. The Food and Beverage team was doing multiple manual temperature checks per day. This was extremely time-consuming and costly. Furthermore, logs were inconsistent, and temperatures were not tracked outside of business hours. 

With GlacierGrid 24/7 temperature monitoring installed, Wyndham Grand Jupiter at Harbourside Place automated their temperature logs and prevented a $15,000 loss in inventory after receiving text alerts that their walk-in cooler was running warm right before the close of business.

Impact of GlacierGrid on Wyndham Grand Jupiter

Upon installation, the team immediately started to see the value of GlacierGrid in time savings and tracking equipment with the easy-to-use dashboard. A few months later, the Director began receiving text alerts that the main walk-in cooler holding nearly all of their inventory was running warm. He quickly logged into his GlacierGrid dashboard and noticed a gradual upward trend in temperature for his walk-in cooler.


If you want peace of mind and to take the guessing game out of it, and to make sure you have a solid temperature monitoring and reporting system that you can count on 24/7, then I recommend using GlacierGrid.

- Amine Kais Food and Beverage Director


The maintenance team discovered a leak that had caused the cooler to shut down completely. This would have gone unnoticed without the timely GlacierGrid alerts and data from the dashboard. The team moved $15,000 worth of inventory safely to other units and avoided massive food spoilage.


With GlacierGrid in place for only 7 months, Wyndham Grand Jupiter at Harbourside Place was able to take advantage of a 20x return on investment and continue to have peace of mind 24/7.